The Members page displays a list of your organization's users and their roles in OX. From this page, an administrator can invite new users, change user roles, and remove users as necessary.

User roles

OX currently supports 2 user roles:

  • Admin: User with capabilities to view all pages and perform all actions in the OX interface

  • Read-only: User with capabilities to view all pages but without capabilities to perform actions

A user's role is set when they are invited to join the organization. However, it can be changed by an admin at any time.

Inviting new users

To invite a new user to your organization:

  1. In the dialog, enter the user's email address.

  2. From the dropdown, select the user role you want to assign (Admin or Read-only).

The new user is added to the table in Pending status.

To invite more than one user at a time, hit the Enter key on your keyboard between each address or paste a comma- or semicolon-separated list of emails into the Emails field.

Important! The user role you select will be assigned to all the users you entered in the Emails field. To add users in different roles, follow the steps separately for each role.

Invitation acceptance

The new user receives an invitation at the email you entered. The invitation contains a link for them to create an OX account and join your organization.

  • Once the user accepts the invitation and joins the organization, their status in the table will change to Active.

  • If the user doesn't accept the invitation within 7 days, the invitation link will expire. You'll need to send them a new invitation to add them later.

Revoking an invitation

If an invited user has not yet accepted an invitation to join the organization (in other words, they are still in Pending status), you can revoke the invitation.

To revoke a user invitation:

  1. In the dialog, confirm that you want to revoke the invitation.

The user is removed from the table.

If a user has already accepted the invitation, it's not possible to revoke it. Instead, follow the steps to remove the user.

Changing a user's role

To change a user's role:

  1. Select the Edit roles option.

  2. In the dialog, in the Assign a role dropdown, click X on the currently assigned role.

  3. From the dropdown, select the new role.

  4. Click X in the upper, right corner of the dialog to save your selection.

The table now shows the user with their new role.

Removing a user

To remove a user from your organization:

  1. Select the Remove member option.

  2. In the dialog, confirm that you want to remove the user.

The user is removed from the table and no longer has access to the organization.

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