At a glance: Select and configure the security policies enforced across your organization.


On the Policies page, you can review and manage the policies applied across your organization. Each time a scan detects a violation of an enabled policy, an issue is created and summarized on the Issues page.

Policy profile details

At the top of the Policies page, you'll see the selected policy profile along with the following details for that profile:

  • Total number of available policies for enforcement

  • Number of enabled policies

  • The profile version

  • The user who last modified the profile

  • The last date the policy was modified

Policy list

The main body of the Policies page displays a list of all available policies broken down by category. Expand any category to view and manage the policies in it. The following options are available for each policy:

  • Use the OFF/ON toggle to enable or disable the policy.

  • From the severity dropdown, select the baseline severity of issues created when policy violations are detected policy.

    • Note: The severity selected here is the baseline severity for each issue. The final severity is adjusted after consideration of all relevant severity factors.

  • Expand a policy to view its details and fine-tune it to meet your organization's needs.

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