At a glance: Manage organization-wide and personal settings so that OX works best for you and your organization.


As its name suggests, the Settings page is the place to manage the settings that affect how you and your organization work with OX. View and manage different categories of settings by switching among the tabs at the top of the page:


In the Organization tab, you can:

  • View and edit the name of your organization (as it appears in the OX interface)

  • View and copy the organization ID

  • Delete the organization

Deleting an organization

Caution! Deleting an organization removes all its data from the OX system (including scan history and audit logs). Once the organization is deleted, it can't be recovered. Be very certain this is what you want to do before you proceed.

To delete an organization:






In the login settings section you can manage your OX Security login options.

The green icon on the login options indicates that the respective login option is configured and approved.

You can revoke the configured login option by clicking on the respective option and selecting the revoke option.

This will remove this login option from the options the user sees when he logs into OX.

Configure login

You can configure the new login option by clicking on it and providing the required details.

Every login option has its own configuration e.g to configure Azure AD SSO, you need to specify the Azure domain, client ID, and client secret. You can follow the list of instructions provided by us for configuration.

API keys

The OX API supports authentication via API key, passed in an HTTP header.

Create an API key

To create an API key for use with the OX API:

  1. Click the CREATE API KEY button.

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  2. In the Create API Key dialog:

    1. Enter a name that will help you identify your API key later.

    2. Under API Key Type, select the API Integration option.

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    3. [optional] Change the expiration date of the API key.

      • By default, the expiration date is set to one year from the time you created it.

    4. Click the CREATE button.

    5. The API Key Secret will be displayed. This is what you’ll use in the authorization header of your API calls.

      **Important:** Be sure to copy the **API Key Secret** to your clipboard before closing the dialog; then, paste it immediately into a secure location, such as a password manager. Once you close the **Create API Key** dialog, you won’t be able to access the **API Key Secret** again. (So, if you haven’t copied it, you’ll need to create a new key.)

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    6. Click the DONE button to close the dialog.

  3. The API key you created is now displayed in the table.

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