Application top menu

Let's go through the top menu.
The top menu is displayed on all pages of the application. The top bar has a few informational elements and control elements.
Top menu
The risk bar is an informational element indicating the risk score that is calculated after a scan is performed on the system.
The entire organization scope dropdown is a control element that gives you the flexibility to either view the data of all the applications in the organization, or only the applications assigned to a specific person. You can assign application owners and watchers on the Application Page.
The duration dropdown control element gives you the option to set the time scope covered by the system.
Don't worry, active issues will always be included, as they are still relevant now, even if they were first discovered before the time scope you set.
Running policies by OX is an informational element that gives you a summary of the scan and your system, and is easily accessible from any system screen. It gives you the following information about your system:
  • Repos: How many repos were discovered and scanned
  • Systems:
    • How many infrastructure systems were discovered. This includes systems like git, CI/CD, cloud providers and more.
    • How many product security tools which the customer deployed were discovered. This includes SCA tools, static analysis scanners, secret scanners and more.
    • How many additional security tools were deployed by OX in order to complete your security coverage.
  • Policies:
    • How many policies are currently active in your environment
    • How many additional policies can be activated given the infrastructure systems and security tools you have.
Policies by OX
The tenants dropdown filter will be visible to you only if you are a member of multiple organizations (which is not the case for most users). You can choose any tenant from here and see its scan report.
Clicking the scan now button will initiate an immediate scan of your environment.
Clicking the question mark icon will take you to the documentation of the system. Once you are there, you can go through each page to get an understanding of the system.
You can also switch to dark or light mode by clicking the moon icon.
You can create new organizations or log out by clicking your name icon from the menu.
User management