Connections page

Here you can add more integrations to your dev infrastructure and your existing security tools
The connections page shows you the list of connectors supported by OX. We have 2 main types of connectors:
  • Customer development and production infrastructure
  • Security tools
Connections page

Customer development and production infrastructure

Those are tools the customer is using as part of their infrastructure.
This includes source control tools like GitHub or GitLab, CI/CD tools, Cloud, ticketing systems and similar infrastructure systems.

Security tools

Those are the security tools which test and secure the customer development and software lifecycle.
Security tools are further divided into two types:
  • Customer dedicated security tools.
  • Open source security tools provided by OX.
Customer security tools are brought by the customer and are dedicated security tools (either commercial or open source) such as Synk for SCA, Checkmarx for static code analysis or Prisma for CSPM.

Full coverage out of the box:

For each of the categories, OX also provides open source tools in case you don't have a commercial tool covering this category, e.g Trivy for SCA or Bendit for static code analysis.
With the default configuration, OX security tools (proprietary and open source) are enabled to cover all categories, in the best blend to cover your environment.
OX tools cover any category you are not yet covering with dedicated security tools installed independently . All of the OX security tools can work in parallel to any security tools you already have installed and you can keep the OX tools active even if you do add a specific additional tool to cover this category.

Connecting tools

In order to connect each of the customer infrastructure or security tools, just click the connector box and follow the instructions.

How to connect

Each tool has its own specific way to connect.
Usually the connection will be done using one of the following options:
  • Identity provider
  • Token
  • Username & password
  • Shared secret
See the OX integrations section for specific details per connector.

Connection status

Each connector can include badges indicating its status:
  • A green checkmark indicates the connector is connected and active.
  • A yellow broken link indicates that the tool was discovered in your environment but is not yet connected.
  • A red broken link indicates that this tool was connected, but there are issues with the connection.
  • An OX icon indicates that this is a security tool introduced by OX.
For OX tools, you also have the option to enable or disable them.