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Exclusions page

Let's go through the exclusions page and see the list apps and issues you have excluded from scan
This page displays all your apps, policies and issues that you have marked as irrelevant or excluded from the scan. This list of apps, policies and issues will also be excluded from future scans.
Here you can see the issues and apps along with the action that was performed on them, the applicable policy, initial modified count, person, and date when it was moved here.
Exclusions page
If you feel like the issue you marked as excluded should be considered for scans again, just remove the issues from the exclusion list by clicking the 3 dots option and confirm the exclusion removal.
Remove exclusion
You can remove your app from the exclusion list in a similar way.
After removing the exclusion from an application, the system will include it in the following scan.
When doing so, you can choose whether it will always be relevant, or if you want to move the control back to OX to automatically determine this app relevance using the default settings. Relevancy is effected by users, recent commits, archived status, etc.
Marking app relevant