See how the user can log in and onboard his Git or demo account.
You can access the system by browsing


To access the system, click on the login button. Then, a login page will be displayed.
Login page
There are different options through which you can log in to the system.
  • Login with email and password.
  • Log in with SSO. Once you enter the email and click next
    • If you have SSO defined in your org, you will be automatically logged in.
      If you don't have SSO defined in your organization, you will see a prompt for a password.
  • Login with a Google account.
  • Login with a GitHub account.
Upon clicking on any of the options, your account will be validated and only if you are an authorized user, you will be able to access the system.

Choose code repository

After logging in , you have now landed on the page from where you can choose the code repository like GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.
Choose repository
On clicking any repository, the "Connect" button will be enabled along with the option to select "Other Authorization Options".
You can simply proceed by clicking "Connect" and using your Git identity provider, or you can select "Other Authorization Options" to use the Git access token option.
Once the Git access token option is selected, two fields will pop up, along with a guide on how to generate tokens in Git. We automatically populate the URL field with the git official SaaS URL (e.g. If you use a private git installation (e.g. GitHub enterprise), please fill your local git URL at this step.
Git access token
If you have selected the bitbucket repository and want to proceed with the Git access token option, you need to provide a username and password following the instructions on the pop-up.
Bitbucket git access token
On providing the required info, when you click on connect, you will be able to access the system and choose from the list of available repositories.

Choose repositories

Once you select a git option and proceed further, your list of repositories will be displayed. By default, all repositories will be selected. You have the option to check/uncheck any repositories from the list.
Repository list
On clicking choose all checkbox, all of your repositories will be selected.
On clicking monitor all newly created repos checkbox, all future repositories will be automatically added to monitoring/scanning upon creation.
On clicking continue, the system will start a scan on the selected repositories and will direct you to the system dashboard to view the scan progress and results.

Ox Demo

You can also try OX with demo data in case you don't want to link a repository.
On Demo option
When selecting "Alternatively try the OX demo", you will be directed to the dashboard page with the results of the scan of the demo data.