Policy page

Let's get to know OX security policy
On the policies page, you can set and configure the security policies that you would like to enforce across your organization. In addition, you can specify the actions that you want to be enforced in the event of a policy violation.
Policies page
This page lists the total number of policies for your selected policy profile, along with the number of enabled policies, the version of the profile, the person who changed any policy on the page, and the last modified date when the policy was changed.
Under the policy selection section, you will see a list of categories, with the number of policies in each one. You can expand any category to see the security policies included in it, alongside with their severity and status.
You can change the severity of the policy as well as enable or disable it using the ON/OFF toggle button.
You can expand each policy to get more info on the policy and tune it.
Policy details